We follow the Engagement Model for these students and each student has an individual engagement profile and motivator profile to support their learning. Engagement comprises five areas: realisation, exploration, initiation, persistence, and anticipation. Instead of teaching pupils knowledge/skills in discrete subject areas, the focus is instead on the area of engagement and the topic is simply a context within which to develop these areas. Teachers and therapists work alongside families/ carers to create personalised learning goals which link to targets set in the Education Health and Care Plan. 

Our students make small steps of progress through consistent, repeated learning opportunities, and the curriculum is designed to maximise opportunities for learning, incorporating any health or care routines a child may need.The focus is very much a ‘needs’ led programme with an emphasis on multi-sensory approaches and experiences. Tasks are structured carefully in order that they are relevant and purposeful for each pupil to maximise motivation and enable learners to make sense of the world around them. Consequently, the curriculum and timetable is often as individual as the child.

Exploration How does the learner demonstrate awareness of, and purposeful interaction with, a stimulus?

Realisation How does the learner demonstrate they can control or change a stimulus or activity?

Anticipation How does the learner demonstrate anticipation? Are they showing prediction because of previous knowledge? 

Persistence How does the learner demonstrate continued effort within the activity?

Initiation How does the learner express their initiation?

Pre-formal Pathway Example

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Person Centre Approach

Our students learn to:

  • Communicate with purpose about interests, wants and needs
  • Build relationships
  • Demonstrate preferences, anticipation and early concepts such as joint attention and object permanence
  • Explore their environment and exert control
  • Move as independently as possible