We believe that all children should be given the best opportunity to fully develop their potential and prepare for successful adult life through placement within a highly specialist communication environment.

Key Stages/Curriculum

We provide a specialist curriculum for each of our populations. Each curriculum is further adapted according to each pupil’s attainment level and it’s designed to support the development of each pupil and is underpinned by our three key drivers: Communication, Wellbeing and Independence and Functionality.

What makes our school unique

Our focus on recognising and respecting each child as an individual, while providing an exceptional individual programme to cater for their needs.

Therapeutic Support

We have a team of therapists who work collaboratively with all other staff to maintain and improve pupil achievement and wellbeing. Each class in school has designated therapists as part of the staff team. Therapists’ caseloads are small to allow for intensive input and high levels of in-class working as well as liaison with families and workforce development. The type of input provided is dependent upon clinical need and the delivery of strategies can take place in group or individual sessions. Whilst many of the therapeutic aims for each pupil can be met through class based work there are some pupils who also need to be supported individually.

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Staffing and Care

Our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications in teaching and caring for pupils with Special Educational Needs. With Special Educational Needs Teachers, Special Support Assistants, through to various therapists, clinical care and nurses.

Teachers and support assistants are brilliant in providing appropriate support to meet the needs of our pupils and establish a positive and engaging learning environment. The education staff consists of a stable and experienced team and the professional development of teachers and teaching assistants is supported through regular internal and external training.

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