Find out how we support you as you progress through education and next transitions then into adulthood.

The aim of the school is to provide our students with information, advice and guidance on the full range of opportunities available to them as they progress through their education and onto their next transitions and into adulthood. Through PSHE and employability lessons, dedicated timetable collapse days and a diverse range of extra-curricular and careers-based opportunities, students will have the capacity to explore their future ambitions.

We intend to achieve all the demands of the ‘Gatsby benchmarks’, including enhancing student encounters with workplace employers, to deliver an excellent programme to support the aspirations of our young people.

Our onsite careers leads Ashleigh Sinclair and Michelle Waugh coordinate careers within the school and facilitate the learning and development linked to careers, employability and work experience encounters and experiences.  You can contact them on a.sinclair@percyhedley.org.uk or m.waugh@percyhedley.org.uk

The school uses the Gatsby benchmarks as the basis of our CEIAG provision. To find out more about the benchmarks you can go to the ɱٱ.

The careers programme is designed to provide a coherent platform for students to explore their personal aspirations for their own personal journeys and provide impartial advice to our young people around life choices, next steps and work experience choices.

Our aim is to raise the aspirations of our students and provide them with the knowledge and skills to develop their own career paths.  Our success in achieving this aim is measured by student voice, parent voice, employer feedback (including our Enterprise Partner) and the destination data we collate in school.

The careers programme is reviewed on an annual basis in consultation with students, teachers, parents and our linked Governor and Enterprise Partner with the intention of enhancing our provision year upon year.

Key Careers Contacts

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Hayley Ritchie

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Senior Leadership Team

Abi Cowie

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Careers Lead

Michelle Waugh

Labour Market Information

To support our students to make informed decisions about their career choices, where it is appropriate, it’s important to understand the labour market information (LMI) related to the career choices they are exploring. For example, how much could you earn? What hours would you work? Are there likely lots of job opportunities in the future? What skills and qualities they will need?  What qualifications they will need?

The Careerometer found by clicking the link below to search and compare key LMI information for the careers they are interested in can help them to understand and make realistic choices for their chosen paths or interests.

We are pleased to share that we have linked up with business enterprise advisor Sandra Hope. Sandra is the founder of the company Essential Thyme. She has a wealth of experience and skills to share with us and is always happy to provide us with advice regarding careers and linked areas. More information about Sandra’s company can be found below.

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